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High Pressure Processing

What is High Pressure Processing (HPP) and why is it used?

These days consumers demand food and beverages with very specific characteristics: more sensorial qualities, more nutrition, no additives and preservatives, ready to eat, with a long shelf life and 100% safe.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is also known as high pressure pascalization or cold pasteurization. It’s a food and beverage preservation method that minimizes food processing. It maintains the freshness and quality of food products up to 3 months after being packaged.

HPP Guarantees food safety

Studies have found that high pressure processing (HPP) is one of the best ways to control foodborne viruses. It destroys pathogens (such as salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria, Vibrio, norovirus) and spoilage microorganisms (such as lactic acid bacteria, coliforms).

HPP will help you meet regulatory requirements. Keep your customers safe. Improve the quality of your food. And strengthen the reputation of your brand.

How it works

HPP uses high isostatic pressure transmitted by water of up to 6,000 bar /600MPa /87,000 psi, held for a few minutes. This pressure is passed consistently and instantly throughout the product - with the same effect as pasteurization - except without the use of heat.

Trust the world’s pioneers with your product

Preshafood were the first company in the world to commercialise high pressure processed (HPP) and cold pressed fruit juices. For 13 years we’ve helped businesses like yours to make amazing ranges of exceptionally tasting beverages and foods.

We have 2 local facilities in Victoria and NSW holding 2 x 300 Hiperbaric HPP machines at each location. This means we have the capacity and backup capacity to process your products within 24 hours of delivery - and help you maintain the integrity of your products.

Your customers will experience your products exactly as you’d like them to.

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